Saturday, November 27th, 2021

How To Resolve ADA & WCAG Compliance Issue In A Minute?

Ignorance Of The Law Is NOT An Excuse – Protect Yourself & Your Clients Today!

If you are doing any type of business online that requires you to have a website, then you need to pay very close attention to what I’m about to say.

Because right now, there are individuals who are losing a significant chunk of their bank accounts because they are ignorant of a certain set of compliance laws that their websites need to abide by.

And I’m almost willing to bet that your website(s) fall in the same category.

In short, you need to be ADA compliant. Because authorities aren’t messing around one bit. If you think it’s a game, let me assure you that it’s not. Everything is coming under scrutiny. Websites, apps, and pdfs included. All of these are susceptible to lawsuits and litigation.

That’s why I set out to create a solution that can help you be compliant asap without the need for a lot of tedious effort. Just use this solution and all your ADA compliant headaches will go away.

Here is the software that can help you to fix this serious issue, Its Called “ADABundle” Watch Demo How easy is that!

Watch Demo of ADABundle

I loved & supported ADA Comply accessibility software that launched last year but honestly, this is completely DIFFERENT, BIGGER, BETTER & ticks all the requirements for ADA compliance!

ADA Bundle helps you and your clients become compliant with the international Web Accessibility Guidelines + the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

If your website is not compliant you’re wide open for a major lawsuit and it costs businesses on average $50,000 to settle them. Ouch!

There are now over 10,000 websites sued as of 2020 due to non-compliance… greedy lawyers are now going after small businesses so this number is expected to hit 100k by 2022

ADA Bundle not only helps you to become and stay compliant, it also opens up a unique opportunity for you to tap into a brand new income stream.

So what exactly do you get in ADA Bundle?

1) Web Accessibility Compliance Widget – this makes your website accessible and compliant as much as possible, and you can add it to your website with just a single line of code!

2) ADA Bundle comes loaded with a robust Lead Generation app that will make it easy to land clients & to generate profits quickly and efficiently. This app allows you to find Businesses & Websites that are not yet ADA Compliant. You get all the Business information on a silver platter.

3) Website Accessibility Audit – You can now analyze ANY website you like and ADA Bundle will show you EVERYTHING that particular website is lacking when it comes to ADA & WCAG compliance!

4) Accessibility Compliance Report – You can now turn the website analysis into a stunning PDF report.
This report sells ADA Services for you AND IT INCORPORATES your clients’ website analysis, so they’ll see right away why they need help with ADA immediately. You send this report to your prospect via email and you never have to talk to anyone in person, so this works amazingly well ANYONE!.

ADA Bundle makes it easy to land clients & get paid:

1)ADA Bundle finds you Websites that are not compliant

2) Push a button to analyze the Website & Create The Report

3) Send the report via email & get paid for a truly helpful service

4) Use ADA Bundle to optimize your client’s page in Minutes

It’s quite impressive!

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